“After attending the opening of HMA on 12/6/2016 we decided to sign our 11 year old son Eoin up for training with Coach Paddy Holohan, at the time Eoin was a very shy individual who always found it hard to express himself, However after meeting Paddy this all changed as Paddy has a very unique way when it comes to working with his students, The main attributes that paddy instilled in his students are Respect, Discipline, and Belief in ones self, Eoin is now 13 years old and he changed in so many ways, he knows that there is no obstacle in life that he can’t get through he is also a very bubbly and outgoing young man who respects not only himself but others too, he is also very rule bound and understands that rules are there for a reason. Paddy Holohan is a fantastic individual with so many important attributes, but I have to say he shares them with all his staff and Coaches and Coach Dean has worked with Eoin from day one also so a big shout out to Coach Dean, Lately Eoin has started to work with Coach Nate on a Saturday morning and I have to say Nate is also a great role model to young kids.”

-Nicola & Alan Keating.


“I joined Holohan Martial Arts a few months ago. Great training,great facility with friendly and experienced staff. There are classes for all ages and skill levels. Best fitness decision I ever made was signing up.”

-Lisa Hamilton


“HMA is a community within a gym. Great atmosphere for beginners or highly competitive people. Never been a part of a team or gym like this before. Life changing decision joining.”

-James Ivers